Let our highly qualified coaches guide you through your skill achievements.  We specialize in building tumbling and cheer skills from the basics to the most technical. We offer a wide variety of classes for athletes ages 5 and Over. From forward rolls and cartwheels to advanced skills such as full and beyond we’ll be your partner in discovering what you are capable of.

Our tumbling program will get your kids moving like never before. They’ll experience gains in their strength, their endurance, their balance, their flexibility and their power. All of these gains lead to a stronger self image and a discipline you may never before have seen in your child. All great things!

Beginner Tumbling

This class is an introduction to tumbling for athletes 5-18 years of age. No experience is required. Students will learn the basic elements of tumbling including front/back rolls, handstands, cartwheels and bridges.


This tumbling class is for athletes who have mastered their walkovers. Skills trained in this class are standing handsprings, back walkover back handsprings, roundoff back handsprings and front walkover roundoff handsprings.

Front Tumbling

This class is perfect for cheerleaders and dancers who have mastered their front walkovers and are looking to improve their more elite forward tumbling skills. Here, athletes will train front handsprings, front tucks and aerial skills. 

Multiple Handsprings
& Intro to Tucks

This tumbling class is for athletes who have mastered their standing back handspring and roundoff back handspring. Skills trained in this class are series back handsprings, front tucks, roundoff tucks and roundoff handspring tucks. 

Tucks & More!

This tumbling class is for athletes who have mastered their series back handsprings and can demonstrate a back tuck in a running tumbling pass. This class trains level 3 specialty tumbling passes in addition to level 4-5 tumbling skills including layouts & twisting. 

Walkovers & Roundoffs

This class is geared towards athletes 5-18 years old who have mastered handstands, cartwheels and can fall to bridge from standing. Skills trained include front & back walkovers and roundoffs.